Fountain Research Centre


Welcome to the Fountain Research Centre. This is not a PhD research activity, though an academic study and professional work base. Though a small research community, it consists of two mini centres.


It’s Vision

FRC’s vision is to provide research, consulting and related services to a broad spectrum of clients across many business and theological organization that would directly or indirectly touch all industries



This partnership shares the vision of supporting innovation, improvement, efficiency and quality in public services. FRC seeks to support transformation and change including supporting disadvantaged groups and communities, helping to save public sector organisations money and addressing some social-cultural and theological phenomenon in line with Christianity by sourcing expertise locally and providing academic opportunities. We aspire to be recognised centre of excellence in the field of business and Christianity of the 21st century.


What we do

The FRC has a modern research concept encompassing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. FRC is tries to maximise the benefits of collaboration between universities, organisations and the public. We help student to be expert in the following areas:

a. Contemporary issues and debates in research
b. Theories/paradigms of research
c. Ethics of research
d. Reviewing literature and the critical analysis of existing research
e. Developing a research question/hypothesis
f. Designing appropriate research
g. Role and function of the pilot study
h. Developing a research proposal
i. Access and sampling
j. Methods of data collection
k. Fundamentals of frequently used statistical tests
l. The analysis of qualitative and quantitative data
m. Presentation, analysis and interpretation of data
n. Uses and application of ICT
o. Dissemination and publication of research

Research Centres

1. Centre for Economic and Social Change (CESC)

Whose mission is to explore aspects of business and entrepreneurial innovation. CESC focuses on economic growth, moving away from primary to secondary product and ways to explain and understand it more clearly. CESC is interested in research that would influence economic growth such as business innovation, inequality, finance, education, monetary and fiscal policy, and the terms malnutrition, extreme poverty and low aspiration.

2. Centre for Christianity Affair(CCA)

Whose mission is to address Christianity and postmodernity and effectual church spiritual leadership and management in the 21stcentury. The Centre exists to foster and conduct research into Christian life-values, beliefs, and practices that relate to God’s plan and Great Commission and postmodernity. The CCA seeks to encourage and facilitate biblical approaches wherever possible between the humanities, the social and medicine. Watch out for coming conferences and seminars



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